Tenant Billing for Utilities

There is an increasing need to be able to present energy and utility consumption for tenants in commercial buildings. Simaxx report designer can be used to create Tenant Billing reports.

What is Tenant Billing?

Tenant billing is the process through which tenants in a commercial or residential building are billed for rent and utilities. Tenant billing is usually handled through a tenant billing software system.

Consistent Presentation of Billing Data

The Heating Networks (Metering & Billing) Regulations – HNMBR, are an essential requirement for property managers with multiple letting within a commercial building. The regulations require that a communal heating system is correctly metered at the point of usage.

With appropriate metering in place, Simaxx can easily present the data in the form of a tenant billing report. The example shows a mixture of different energy utilities being consumed each with its own price rate. The reports can be generated for monthly consumption.

Building managers can make the Simaxx data available to the tenants to monitor their consumption during normal operations. Alerts can be created if consumption exceeds threshold values.

Tenant billing graph
Tenant billing report