Smarter Building project: test phase

Smarter Building project: test phase

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created new ways to improve the quality of the indoor climate and the energy efficiency of buildings. This reduces energy consumption and increases the productivity of users within a building. By placing sensors, air quality, CO2 level and energy consumption can be measured at room level. The collected data is converted into information, which helps building managers to gain insight on energy flows and determine in a well-founded manner which energy-saving measures give the best effect. Besides that, the sensors and meters give insight in the condition of the building and installations, which results in the possibility to perform more predictive maintenance.

The Smarter Buildings project (consisting of VTEC Lasers & Sensors and Simaxx software) has the following objective: ‘The realization of a Smart Building solution for new and existing (groups of) buildings in which building management and building functions are fully integrated, in which energy consumption is further reduced and in which residents are offered maximum comfort and support ‘.

For example, KRAGT has made its location on the Schootsestraat in Eindhoven available to test the Smarter Buildings concept in an operational environment. The building, a business collection building, is equipped with extra meters for water and energy and climate sensors; the ClearClimate sensor. The ClearClimate sensor aims to provide insight into the (current) climatic conditions of the building and to look for possible energy savings.

The ClearClimate sensor is developed by VTEC, it gives the possibility to measure temperature, occupancy, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds and light with only one box (see picture on the left). The data from this sensor is translated by Simaxx into action-oriented information for building managers and users. The analytical rules within the Simaxx platform make it possible to determine the current climate in the building.

More sensors have already been installed in the past period. It concerns sensors to measure the water consumption and a fine dust sensor is added to the climate sensor to measure PM 2.5. This data will soon be visible on the Simaxx platform too. The next steps in this research will consist of the long-term measurement of the building data and testing, with the buildings manager,  the best way to feed back the information and which conclusions can be dwarn from the information. The ultimate goal is to identify the most efficient measures for energy and indoor climate improvements. In the following message we will provide more details about the measurements and the results. For more information about this project, please contact Wilfred van der Plas from Simaxx ( or Jan Mink from VTEC L & S (

The Smarter Buildings project received a co-funding from the Program of Development of the Southern Netherlands. The program of development is an European subsidy program and it uses funds from the European  Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The spearheads of this program are innovation promotion Рby promoting cross-overs with and between top clusters Рand the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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