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Smart Maintenance

The Smart Maintenance feature within Tyrrell Analytics offers a robust toolkit for crafting analytical rules and formulas, tailored for swift deployment across diverse data models. By automating segments of your maintenance protocols, it facilitates quicker responses and precise diagnoses.

Irrespective of your industry sector, maintenance stands as a recurring and indispensable facet of your business operations. Whether it’s individual components of mechanical equipment or entire systems, breakdowns are potential occurrences to monitor closely for swift intervention against impending failures and faults.

Maintenance of Hardware

Components like electric motors often necessitate regular maintenance, yet outsourcing these services to external entities proves costlier and time-consuming. Moreover, such services may not align with your desired standards or adhere to your company’s best practices.

Tyrrell Analytics facilitates the seamless integration of smart systems, enabling the monitoring of a building replete with devices and industrial machinery while granting complete control over maintenance requisites. Identifying hardware in need of servicing and dispatching appropriate personnel can be achieved before significant faults materialize.

Maintaining a Building

An industrial building is also a target for maintenance work. A single building may take a while to wear down and not require much active care, but each additional building puts more pressure on the building manager. Maintaining more than one building requires dedicated observation tools, and Tyrrell Analytics can provide those tools while also adhering to industry-wide best practices.

Regardless of whether you use a variety of sensors and software or just focus on individual machines at first, Tyrrell Analytics is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable. This means that you can adjust the platform to match with your current needs, making it much easier to ensure that you service the right hardware at the right time.

Pre-Emptive Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of any smart maintenance system is being able to repair something before the damage even begins. If done correctly, a platform like Tyrrell Analytics can become a core part of you being able to repair and maintain your building (and the tools inside it) while avoiding major faults and malfunctions before they strike.

This requires careful planning, as well as an effective variety of sensors and monitoring tools. However, if done correctly, you can use past examples of mechanical failures to direct your repair services towards anything that looks like it is about to fail or suffer a breakdown – even if there does not appear to be anything visually wrong with it.

Intelligent Software

Your repair work is only as effective as the software supporting it. Tyrrell Analytics can work alongside a variety of other tools to boost their general effectiveness while also offering core benefits of its own, meaning that you can start building a system that perfectly matches your maintenance services needs.

Beyond that, Tyrrell Analytics itself is flexible enough to work with any kind of building and to track whatever information you need it to track. This gives you full control over the way that you approach your maintenance work and general responsibilities, regardless of the business’ size.

Data Collection

One of the core benefits of a platform like Tyrrell Analytics is the ability to gather raw data and process it into usable information. This allows you to measure a huge variety of different criteria and factors more accurately or create accurate reports of your current maintenance standards and results.

Data Monitoring

Smart maintenance, such as tracking machine performance, presents challenges in observation. Tyrrell Analytics streamlines this process by offering easy data collection, storage, and integration from diverse sources. Its flexibility spans industries, enabling real-time performance management. Customisable parameters and extensive historical data enhance assessment capabilities.

Historical Data

Tyrrell Analytics stores vast historical data for performance and maintenance, accessible for any timeframe. Its flexible data processing allows for customised information presentation. Comparing past and present data aids in assessing performance changes within sites, buildings, or across the organisation.


Tyrrell Analytics simplifies report generation, tailoring them to exact requirements for faster reporting with current data. Reports, crucial for management and audits, present well-prepared, formatted information, often measuring specific elements.

Plant Modeling

Tyrrell Analytics offers an extensive range of modelled plants and equipment, providing valuable insights for maintenance teams. Through simulation, every piece of machinery can be thoroughly understood, enabling real-time observation and quick identification of breakdowns. This modelling capability proves particularly crucial in large organisations with diverse systems, minimising errors and providing clarity.

Simulations and maintenance warnings

Tyrrell Analytics’ plant models support smart maintenance by linking incoming data to specific equipment, facilitating rapid identification of maintenance needs. By combining performance measures with digital site models, potential issues can be preemptively addressed. Furthermore, these models serve as early warning systems, pinpointing problems before they escalate.

Efficiency Enhancements and Productivity

Automated insights from Tyrrell Analytics optimise plant performance, allowing labour resources to be directed efficiently. By identifying and addressing maintenance issues promptly, organisations can maintain operational effectiveness. This focus on productivity ensures that areas of low production can be targeted for improvement, enhancing overall efficiency.

Performance Comparisons and Integrating New Devices

Tyrrell Analytics simplifies performance measurement and facilitates comparisons between systems. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates new devices into existing infrastructure, enabling accurate performance assessments without disrupting operations. This versatility ensures adaptability and efficiency in maintenance strategies.

Accessibility and the Internet of Things

Tyrrell Analytics provides secure yet accessible access to maintenance data, empowering specialists while ensuring data integrity. Furthermore, it effortlessly collects Internet of Things (IoT) data, eliminating the need for specialised tools. This accessibility and compatibility enhance monitoring and maintenance capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

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