Simaxx Smart Analytics Software

Report Templates – Improve Data Visibility

Whilst integral to organisational success and development, data reporting could be regarded a time consuming and monotonous exercise – without the tools needed to present reports in a more understandable and relevant way.

Simaxx software integrates with your existing Building Management System or any other connected IoT devices – creating reports tailored to your business needs – making it easier to track more complex variables – providing you with more relevant data, using stored data points, rules, and formulas.

Our state of the art reporting and monitoring tool allows you to easily print and read reports – making it simple to track data over both short and longer time periods. 

Our report templates will allow users to make more informed, more powerful decisions. 

Using our report templates create reports using stored data points, rules and formulas. Print reports for required periods.

Simaxx can be used to record, store and analyse data, tailored to suit the needs of any business.

Below are some of the things Simaxx can be used for:

Air Quality Reporting – Productivity

Air quality can have a huge impact on the productivity of workers. Simaxx offers powerful reporting tools from IoT devices that can be used to check and measure air quality as well as CO2 monitoring.

Part of the covid mitigation plan.

Occupant Wellbeing

Reports on air quality in occupied spaces by recording air quality to maintain the desired environment for optimum productivity.

Virus Mitigation

Reports on air quality in occupied spaces by recording air quality as part of a ‘Return to Work Plan’ to identify areas that require fresh air to minimise airborne transmission of viruses.

Compliance Reporting and Energy Consumption

Reports on the outcome of compliance reporting, providing weekly and monthly reports for governance, Easy to print from stored templates. Reports on energy consumption of equipment, buildings or portfolio. Incorporates standard metrics as part of the reports.

Mitigation and C02 levels in the back office