Tyrrell Analytics

Property Management

TyrrellAnalytics is a robust data analysis system, empowering you to manage multiple properties effortlessly, whether you oversee ten or hundreds. Access data tailored to your business needs, with real-time and historical insights presented in a user-friendly interface. Data abounds in building and technology installations, from BMS to IoT devices and beyond. TyrrellAnalytics harnesses this wealth of information to deliver actionable insights and optimise building performance.

Property Management with TyrrellAnalytics

Streamline property portfolio oversight with TyrrellAnalytics. Our intuitive interface provides Estate Managers with clear visualisations, offering a comprehensive view of portfolio performance. Colour-coded indicators quickly highlight areas needing attention, facilitating performance benchmarking against KPIs.

Navigate through map views and tooltips for site performance insights, accessing detailed dashboards in just three clicks. Utilise filtered lists to compare site performance, focusing on improvement areas. Aggregate performance data allows for in-depth analysis of energy and carbon usage, aiding in portfolio optimisation for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

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Simplify Data Management for Efficient Energy Use

Data Integration:

Effortlessly collate data from spreadsheets, BMS systems, IoT devices, and more into a single, reliable platform for analysis.

Normalisation and Compatibility:

Easily normalise data and ensure compatibility with existing hardware and Management Information Systems (MIS), streamlining data processing.

Confidence Building:

Establish a realistic energy baseline to boost confidence in forecasting and reporting savings, empowering informed decision-making.

Opportunity Identification:

Utilise calculations, predictive analysis, and visualisations to identify and capitalise on energy-saving opportunities.

Progress Monitoring:

Track performance over time against usage, cost, or carbon baselines, enabling effective monitoring of progress towards energy-saving goals.

Unlocking Insights from Your Energy Data

Many people do not understand the risks of mould. While a UK homeowner or tenant might think that it is simply an annoyance, it can actually be a serious health hazard to certain people and tends to cause major damage to a building if it is not dealt with quickly.

Data Analysis

Many companies struggle to extract useful insights from their energy data due to various limitations, including data quality measurement, limited analysis options, and complex visualisation tools.

Custom Reporting

Access our report library, use our dynamic reporting tool, or request custom reports from our team to meet your unique reporting requirements.


Tyrrell Analytics handles large data sets with ease, processing vast amounts of data in milliseconds, ensuring you get the insights you need quickly and efficiently.

Custom Reporting Solutions

Automatically read consumption data from metres, facilitating error-free invoice generation and utility management.

Automated Billing

Effortlessly bill tenants for various utilities and generate accurate invoices displaying energy consumption, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Anomaly Detection

Detect equipment faults and inefficiencies promptly, minimising costs and prolonging equipment life through proactive maintenance measures.