Mould Mitigation in Social Housing

With increasing focus on providing greater insulation in social housing, in order to address rise in utility costs and associated risks of fuel poverty. There is a corresponding  increased likelihood of a rise in humidity and potential instances of mould propagation if fresh air is not brought into the premises . Simaxx can monitor the presence of conditions likely to encourage mould and provide alerts to the social housing landlords.

Synthesise data into a picture of Housing Stock ‘Health’

Where humidity levels are above a certain threshold for an extended period of time, the chances of mould propagation are increased.

Maintaining a focus on the conditions likely to promote mould growth is just one of several ‘Well being’ elements that can be monitored to provide an overall picture of habitability of a tenanted property. Levels of CO2 and general temperature conditions can be synthesised into an overall picture of housing stock health. 

Humidity report on Simaxx dashboard