Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a company’s overall commitment to operating their business in an ethical way. This makes ESG reporting a core part of sustainable investing, climate-related financial disclosures and tackling environmental issues posed by how your company operates.

Simaxx provides many ways to measure and log your ESG performance across a range of ESG criteria, forming weekly, monthly or annual reports as the situation requires.

A company with poor ESG metrics is less likely to get investments of its own, but it may also suffer pressure from local authorities. The social impact of low ESG scores is also noticeable and can result in popular companies seeing an exodus of customers.

What ESG Factors Mean For Your Company

Environmental, Social and Governance can be a major part of your company’s performance and desirability, as well as a sign of your company’s leadership. This means that it has a direct impact on how you form business relationships and retain customers.


There are elements of Environmental, Social and Governance that you may be obligated to report. This could be details like climate change contributions and emissions or the overall energy efficiency of your business.

Simaxx makes it easy to create an annual report of all your business undertaking’s operations, ranging from investment choices to carbon emissions. The Simaxx platform provides a huge range of tools for formatting your ESG issues as clear, usable data.

Investment Opportunities

External stakeholders only invest after a financial analysis determines that a company will succeed in the future. For many, a lack of care about the environment can be a sign that your company is only concerned with immediate profit and long-term thinking. Simaxx allows you to limit the impact investing parties will feel on their confidence towards your business.

Being willing to take such risks may be appealing to some investors, but it also means that many will leave before the investment process even begins. When it comes to ESG, investors will take note of your ESG information, and not all of them will tolerate a lack of environmental awareness.

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Taking stock of your ESG factors allows you to mention them in marketing. For example, taking a stance against climate change and tackling your business’ major ESG risks can be something worthy of marketing, as can taking steps to deal with human rights violations or ethical issues. These ESG principles can be an important part of getting your company noticed.

Simaxx allows you to take in countless pieces of data about your own ESG scores, as well as information about your main financial markets and the factors that they care about most. From there, you can improve your ESG ratings to see greater success overall.

Using ESG in marketing is a common tactic but an effective one. In an increasingly ethically-conscious world, displaying your business’ support for major social or environmental considerations can be a major step towards gathering even more customers in the long term.

Customer Satisfaction

ESG can often relate to customer satisfaction, especially in large companies where individual customers and clients are more likely to be overlooked. Aiming for better satisfaction means more positivity surrounding your business and more happy customers willing to return.

Simaxx ensures that you can take in a huge range of information regarding the way you treat your customers, using it to formulate better customer service teams and options. Beyond that, it can improve your ESG investing scores and lead to more investors taking notice of you.

ESG Investing

ESG investing is a major concern for many companies. Companies with low ESG ratings are less likely to receive ESG investing attention, with most of their investors being institutional investors who are just looking at short-term profits or goals.

Staying within a reasonable ESG ratings range means that companies get more attention from ESG investors as a whole and that they become more valuable investment products and prospects in the long run. 

ESG is a big part of investing in the modern world, and many business owners do not realise just how true that statement is. If you ignore every element of ESG, then you can expect to lose a lot of faith from your customers and investors, especially if you begin to actively oppose some major elements of ESG that the public is committed to upholding.

Why do shareholders care?

Companies need to be successful over a long period of time to be worth investing in. ESG is essentially a way to prove that companies (and their owners) are thinking about the future rather than just short-term profits and executive compensation.

Investor and shareholder rights mean that they never have to remain invested in companies they no longer want to support. This means that poor ESG compliance could result in companies losing their main sources of support. Many investors would rather turn towards a company that cares about its long-term existence and profits, especially when climate risks are so overbearing.

The Simaxx platform is the perfect reporting tool for any company that wants to secure more investment support. ESG reporting can be an invaluable tool for getting more ESG investment opportunities and building up a better perception among the general public. With so many different ways to report its findings, a company can gradually tweak its operations to better match with its ESG goals.

Recycling Statistics

Using Simaxx for ESG Reporting

ESG investing is sustainable investing – focusing on investments that will avoid major material and climate issues. As part of your overall sustainability reports, taking ESG factors into account is vital for making sure that your business combats climate change where possible.

The Simaxx platform allows for a range of ESG reporting options, as well as easy management of ESG metrics. Formulating solid ESG investing focuses requires a lot of data, as well as careful management of that data to ensure that any key pieces of information are clearly visible and easy to understand.

Sustainable Investing

ESG investing is best handled with a strong understanding of relevant climate and environmental risks. Through Simaxx, you can gather a constant stream of data to apply to your own investment process, picking out the principal risks related to your company’s climate objectives.

This can include long-term factors, short-term issues, or even areas where technological improvements could make a difference. By having the right reporting framework already in place, it becomes much easier to funnel data into a report and identify the risks or solutions that the report is trying to present.

Business Ethics

Setting custom ESG criteria through Simaxx allows your company to employ methods such as Socially Responsible Investing. Specifying your goals and targeted criteria means that you can aim for a more ethical and eco-friendly investment strategy while still remaining competitive.

This includes any political contributions that your business needs to make or steps you need to take towards ESG integration. By using Simaxx, you can pinpoint the exact areas that you need to work on most and find reasonable ways to aim for better ESG results while keeping your company afloat.

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Waste Management

A regular report can also be a valuable way to find ESG information about how you handle waste. Waste is one of the core ESG considerations, and effective ESG integration relies on tackling your waste management in a way that minimises environmental impact.

This is one of the core ESG factors that a business may need to report and something that many overlook. Waste can factor into the investment decisions made when your company is looking for new investors or further support.

Care for Future Generations

If a business undertaking manages something that needs to be maintained in the long term, then that undertaking’s business model needs to put that maintenance first. Responsible investing means that most ESG investors will only back companies that put the future ahead of themselves.

For example, ESG investing would mean that a company that regularly burns through non-renewable resources may receive less investment attention. Simaxx gives you a way to report on your own changes and make your contributions to the future much more obvious to the general public – and potential investors.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance focuses on turning companies into good corporate citizens, as well as taking charge of any human rights issues or ethical problems that a company may be engaged in. This is often a non-financial reporting directive: for example, investigations into publicly traded companies doing unethical things or issues with a company’s management.

This goes beyond community relations. Some companies may abuse mutual funds, pass over fair wages for more executive pay, or even directly mistreat employees. Simaxx offers a tool to craft reports that prove you are not engaging in any unethical conduct, tailoring the report to whatever audit committee structure is necessary,


Compliance is another element of ESG ratings that need to be considered. Companies often report to a range of institutions (such as the Global Reporting Initiative and Task Force of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures or contribute to MSCI ESG research). This means that ESG data may be directly requested or that you have specific rules and regulations that you need to comply with.

Simaxx can format your data-recognized frameworks, letting companies prove compliance with anything from data protection to corporate governance limits. Whether companies need direct ESG ratings and ESG scores or information on a specific compliance issue, Simaxx can make the reports possible.

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Other Factors

Staying compliant with important regulations is the core of ESG. However, ESG covers a huge range of factors, and that means that keeping track of your current ESG goals will matter a lot. Simaxx makes it easy to take this data and use it internally as well, producing reports for internal use that allow easy monitoring of how well your ESG efforts are working.