Energy Monitoring & Targeting

In a commercial and domestic landscape where the cost of energy is increasing to previously unimagined levels – the need to monitor the consumption of energy utilities is imperative.
Simaxx facilitates the connection of utility data and together with powerful energy monitoring visualisation methods can provide insights into avoidable energy usage.

Automated Data Collection

The Simaxx solution is compatible with commercial utility monitoring solutions and  IoT devices.

Once set up, data collection is an automatic process.

This means that manual measurement records are no longer required.

Data can easily be visualised in the Historian and Dashboard Apps.

Endless Historic Data

The Simaxx Platform will store continuous data indefinitely, using the highly efficient database structure. This means that the energy data is always available to analyse.

Graphs can be set up to show different aggregations of the data. In this way Min, Max and SUM values for a period can be viewed. This is very useful when visualising the consumption data

Analysis and Alerting

The Simaxx Platform can be configured to trigger events and insights, using the analytic palate. In this way, the responsible stakeholders can receive an email notification when equipment is consuming electricity above an expected threshold. Or if machinery is running outside of core production or occupation hours.

Applying unit rates for utilities allows the user to assess how much energy is being wasted in the ‘non-core’ operation of equipment. Most importantly this shows a direct impact in financial terms.

Supply fan consumption
Simaxx supply consumption over a week.