Energy Monitoring and Targeting

A full-scale energy monitoring and targeting system can be one of the most invaluable options you have for tracking your energy performance, especially as the owner of a plant or another large industrial business/property. It can reduce your carbon footprint, break down your energy usage, and provide guidance toward new energy-efficiency measures that can eliminate waste in the long term.


In a commercial and domestic landscape where the cost of energy is increasing to previously unimagined levels – the need to monitor the consumption of energy utilities is imperative.
Simaxx facilitates the connection of utility data and together with powerful energy monitoring visualisation methods can provide insights into avoidable energy usage.

What is Energy Monitoring and Targeting?

Energy monitoring and targeting can be an effective method of planning out a property’s energy consumption, offering more energy management control options to keep costs low and provide greater efficiency. It is a process of energy management focused on existing patterns of energy use, as well as ways to lower future energy use by changing your energy consumption habits.

A full energy monitoring and targeting process starts with a basic audit. Once you understand your existing pattern of energy use habits and the energy costs from your wasted energy, you can employ new energy management control techniques to change your expected consumption.

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Why Does Energy Monitoring and Targeting Matter?

Excessive energy use costs a lot. Services like this are focused on reporting your energy costs and energy use trends, breaking down the potential benefits and savings of more efficient energy management, and offering solutions to keep your energy consumption level at a more reasonable base line. This can be an early warning system for high energy costs or a way to manage your current energy consumption.

What Steps Does Energy Monitoring and Targeting Involve?

Energy monitoring and targeting follow five basic steps. This simple monitoring and targeting process allows you to pick out points of excessive energy use and reduce energy costs, consumption, and micromanagement.

  1. Identify areas of high energy consumption, and record current energy consumption data.
  2. Analyse this data to explain excessive energy consumption, highlight potential energy consumption trends, and help your business diagnose specific areas where energy consumption is higher than average.
  3. Develop energy consumption limits as baselines, taking into account your current performance and the overall energy consumption your business or property requires to function.
  4. Determine future energy consumption performance targets using these baselines and your previous data. This includes unique targets for areas with unexpectedly higher energy consumption than average.
  5. Monitor your new energy consumption rates against your targets and performance metrics. Identify areas where your energy use fluctuates or where you produce a lot of wasted energy. Observe any new guidelines you have set for yourself in terms of energy use.

What Benefits Does Energy Monitoring and Targeting Convey?

Well-implemented energy monitoring and targeting are not just about dealing with unexpectedly higher energy consumption. The process also provides a range of core benefits to whatever business or building it is applied to. For example:

  • Additional data to help you identify new energy targeting options, consumption limits or capital investments.
  • Data-driven details about peak usage time and excessive consumption collected in real time.
  • Increased efficiency and more ways to improve your energy savings, as well as identify areas of irregularity and determine future energy use fluctuations.
  • More budgeting options for keeping your energy savings high and your costs low while still retaining the consumption efficiency you need to operate.
  • Additional ways to explain excessive energy use and eliminate waste more effectively.
  • Reduced material and energy waste in general.
  • Lower emissions.
  • More ways to detect instances of you not meeting your set targets.
  • Full compliance with ISO 50001 requirements.
  • Improved building and energy system life expectancy.
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How Simaxx Offers Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Energy monitoring is an invaluable process that can improve energy efficiency across all industries. The Simaxx platform can provide a huge amount of benefits for keeping track of your energy efficiency and consumption, as well as allowing you to detect instances of high consumption that need to be resolved.

Automated Data Collection

Simaxx is compatible with existing energy efficiency monitoring tools and solutions, as well as Internet of Things devices. This allows for automatic data gathering without the need for manual input.

Not only can you use Simaxx to track your energy consumption, but you can tie it to other related services for even more data and near real-time tracking. Building an impressive monitoring system enables you to draw in a range of data, handle near real-time reporting, and set targets based on factual data taken from multiple sources at once.

The Simaxx solution is compatible with commercial utility monitoring solutions and  IoT devices. Once set up, data collection is an automatic process.This means that manual measurement records are no longer required. Data can easily be visualised in the Historian and Dashboard Apps.

Endless Historic Data

The Simaxx Platform can store an indefinite amount of near real-time data, using an extremely efficient database structure to provide endless access to past performance data. With so many options to set up custom graphs, it is extremely easy to measure and manage your own business energy consumption, as well as track individual utilities and performance metrics at a glance.

Having easy access to so much historical data allows you to achieve full monitoring of your energy performance. You can use your entire energy efficiency history to form baselines and figure out expected results, using any point of data you need without the worry of it being lost or corrupted.

The Simaxx Platform will store continuous data indefinitely, using the highly efficient database structure. This means that the energy data is always available to analyse.

Graphs can be set up to show different aggregations of the data. In this way Min, Max and SUM values for a period can be viewed. This is very useful when visualising the consumption data

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Not only can you monitor energy using Simaxx, but you can target specific areas for reporting and deeper monitoring. From there, you can discover remedial actions to correct energy usage, sift through collected data to find out which fixes should be implemented, and get recommendations for how to approach your latest energy problems.

Being able to measure this side of your business so effectively can be important for optimising production systems, building more efficient business systems, streamlining emissions-producing services and taking your company on the first step towards a path of increasingly high energy efficiency.

The Simaxx Platform can be configured to trigger events and insights, using the analytic palate. In this way, the responsible stakeholders can receive an email notification when equipment is consuming electricity above an expected threshold. Or if machinery is running outside of core production or occupation hours.

Applying unit rates for utilities allows the user to assess how much energy is being wasted in the ‘non-core’ operation of equipment. Most importantly this shows a direct impact in financial terms.

Energy Consumption Alerting

Simaxx can be adjusted and configured to track wasted energy, observe the specific targets you are monitoring, and provide real-time alerts when custom thresholds are met. This allows you to monitor relevant driving factors in your energy efficiency and form new plans on the fly.

This can be an invaluable feature for businesses focused on production, where that production chain may involve countless services that need constant monitoring and targeting. This system can send out alerts whenever any single point in your production line exceeds your expected energy usage limits.

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Energy Management

Reliable management options are important for keeping your energy usage low and your costs lower. Energy does not operate under a fixed cost, and even the smallest deviation from your expected base load can completely change how much you are expected to pay.

For example, even the smallest relevant driving factors, like an appliance’s efficiency rating, can shift your energy costs slightly higher. In most cases, the concept of a fixed cost needs to be abandoned entirely – instead, you need to act in the best interests of your business.

Well-managed energy monitoring systems rely on important data being collected, and that is where Simaxx shines. Whether you render it as a simple pie chart or use a complex set of data forms to make your decisions, the platform can be a vital part of making sure that you use energy in a reliable, affordable way.

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If you want to achieve the best possible results for your energy efficiency tweaks, then a platform like Simaxx is one of the most important tools you can use. Having easy access to so much data ensures that you can react to any unexpected efficiency issues by drawing from your past experience and results.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more about how Simaxx can benefit you and the many other features that the platform can provide. No matter what kind of shortcomings your business is experiencing, it only takes one good platform to lay the foundations for a huge range of internal and external changes that overhaul the way your business operates.