Cloud Based Operation and Maintenance

Cloud operation and maintenance management have become a core part of the modern business world, with many business systems serving dual roles as data management tools and cloud infrastructure.

Not only can cloud services offer many benefits, but they can be invaluable alongside a maintenance management system or other property-related software platforms. Simaxx aims to combine these cloud operations with a range of other tools and data management options.

Simaxx and Cloud Services

Cloud computing services have changed the way a lot of businesses operate. While many people see cloud systems for incredible specific departments or goals, the cloud offers benefits to various departments within any industry, including maintenance and building management.

Simaxx serves as a cloud environment and database platform that allows companies to establish cloud computing alongside their own data centers. When it comes to environmental management, cloud computing services and platforms can be far more valuable than many people think.

Regardless of importance or management level, comprehensively gathering and cataloguing important information can be invaluable to any business. Cloud computing allows for maintenance services characterized by in-depth monitoring to undergo cloud migration, allowing business premises infrastructure and performance information to be kept in the cloud as needed.

Why use a Cloud Computing Data Center for Operation and Maintenance Management?

Simaxx’s cloud solutions are suitable for a range of building management challenges, making it even easier for a business to address issues relating to its premises. It also enables a company to improve business results through careful management of its operations and maintenance requirements.

Business infrastructure is not just cloud architecture and office spaces, but the maintenance and care behind the workspace itself. Even small businesses can benefit from cloud computing data center systems that serve as a maintenance management system.

Simaxx provides an easy source of cloud migration for information relating to the business property, using a range of intelligent software and versatile cloud applications to promote a healthy environment and improve building (and employee) performance.

The big question many businesses have is why. At first, the challenges encountered by maintenance staff may not seem worth including in a cloud computing system. However, building and maintenance service management can offer a huge range of benefits when moved to a cloud system, including:

  • Improved business property performance.
  • Increased profit resulting from more comfortable employees.
  • Easier monitoring and research aimed at improving the work environment.
  • Reduced management costs through effective property management.
  • Fewer time-consuming steps are involved in using automated monitoring systems to manage the property.
  • Full access to a range of cloud resources.
  • Easy access to the database during an emergency i.e. during disaster recovery or if the premises’ power cuts out unexpectedly.
  • A stronger focus on business continuity through automated updating and information management.

What is the Need for Trending Historical Data for analysis via the cloud?

Simaxx presents connected information using the Historian Application. The connected information is aggregated at the point of input to the platform. The historian app uses this functionality to quickly display data sets in a variety of appealing visualisations.

Using a cloud solution for this work provides minimal service disruption and easy access to the cloud data center, allowing historic infrastructure performance data to be gathered without disturbing existing systems. Using the cloud for diverse purposes like this can help many organizations streamline their operations.

Simaxx is designed to make all kinds of building operations and maintenance services much more efficient. Pulling information to the cloud rather than a single server can save time and enable consistent monitoring. Tying monitoring devices directly to a cloud database allows for smarter integrated operation, all while keeping information distinct and easy to analyse.

Data Period Selection

Cloud platforms can be accessed from numerous computers and other devices as long as the user has an internet connection. Through virtual machines and other network equipments, historical data and snapshots of the cloud can be saved by the cloudops team, along with Simaxx gathering historical information data on the cloud itself.

Simaxx makes it easy to gather information from specific periods of time without relying on any experimental process like an artificial intelligence system or complex IT operations. Data is selected using the ‘Date, Period & Step’ boxes, which are common to many Simaxx functionalities. Information is manipulated according to the requirements of the graph, e.g. totalising or maximal, when the ‘Step’ element is changed.

This kind of integrated solution can provide the right information at the right time, with the Simaxx platform and software allowing users to analyse information on the cloud regardless of the IT management level involved in setting up the platform in the first place. This kind of cloud solution means that maintenance staff can get the information they need at the right time and in the right format, no matter where they are in the building.

Graph Types

The cloud surpasses many digital storage devices due to its flexibility, something that Simaxx takes full advantage of. The platform enables a huge range of reports and graphs to be produced for almost any purpose, whether that is as a conference paper or an IT resource input request document.

Many different styles of graphs are easily configurable from within Simaxx’s services, allowing you to produce whatever graphs your business needs most. From basic Line graphs and bar charts to interpolated lines and benchmarking graphs, which allow information from previous periods to be compared against freshly gathered information.

All of this can be done by any user that has access to the platform. Simaxx does not rely on everything being done by dedicated cloudops teams, instead focusing on extending these kinds of cloud-based IT operations to any employee that has permission to access them. By doing this, a member of staff could produce a graph-heavy report on business property performance within a matter of hours, if that.

User Assistance

Simaxx provides a reliable and consistent platform for all kinds of cloud operations. A large part of that involves keeping the platform and its services fully accessible and usable, such as making the historical information easy to access. This means that employees can get the information they need without needing a technical understanding of cloud virtual machines or information technology as a whole.

The Historian application offers some useful features to assist the user in making sense of data. As you swipe across the graph, values appear alongside the name of the trace so that data sets can be compared against each other. To isolate certain data sets within a graph, the data set can be ‘hidden’ by clicking on the name in the legend below the graph. Swiping a zoom window allows an even closer inspection of the graph.

How graphs can be used to understand building performance

Good graphs can present important data in a new light, allowing for easier analysis and comparisons where necessary. This is one of the big strengths of the Simaxx platform, providing more ways to use information while also pooling it into a single digital space.

Graphs can help with managing everything from power supply equipments to the total air quality of an office space. Representing changes visually can be a good way of judging changes in building performance and employee comfort or finding out if previous measures to improve related processes have worked or not.

While some people feel that graphs greatly restrain gathered information if used alone, they can be used as added context alongside larger reports. These can break down the costs or concerns behind certain processes while providing more context and support for the main objective of the report, giving important details to the viewer at a glance.

This can make a graph ideal for simplifying investment allocation requirements, performance estimations, future predictions or many, many other information-driven discoveries that Simaxx may have allowed your business to uncover using their own monitoring methods.

How does Simaxx provide History Charts?

Simaxx offers all of the tools and processes required to produce historical information charts, all without needing you to have experience in anything beyond basic information technology common sense. The platform makes it easy for any employee, regardless of department, to produce a report as needed.

By introducing Simaxx to a workplace, maintenance and management responsibilities can be tackled very directly, using hard factual information as a basis for a range of reporting and analysis work.

Most problems can be solved through careful analysis of historical information, and a company using the Simaxx platform can draw out this information with only a few clicks. This enables reports to be produced that directly compare current averages to historical counterparts or draw on the results of older monitoring methods so that they can be judged next to new systems.

Simaxx provides easy access to whatever information you require, hosting it on a secure cloud server. However, the way that you use this information can vary heavily depending on what your company needs – the platform is an incredibly versatile tool, allowing even the most niche data to be used as a way of finding innovative solutions or potential risks to be tackled.