• Beswick House – Air Quality Monitoring

    Beswick House – Air Quality Monitoring

    Air Quality Monitoring The Simaxx / Aquaportal solution uses lightweight IoT sensors combined with a Simaxx was deployed to monitor the existing sensor network at Beswick House, the home of Tyrrell Building Technologies (TBT). As part of a Covid-19 mitigation strategy during the pandemic, TBT used a combination of CO2 and Humidity sensors to track […]

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  • Aquaportal


    Aquaportal Case Study Careful implementation of Simaxx’s monitoring features has allowed the platform to resolve a wide range of issues, with one of the most notable being the Aquaportal platform. With only a few steps to set up Simaxx and connect the right monitoring tools, the White Labelled version of our platform has been able to provide […]

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