Simaxx partner, Aquaportal, has created a White Labelled version of the Simaxx Platform to provide Legionella monitoring for Schools. With a large variation in types of Hot Water monitoring and control systems installed, the Simaxx Platform was able to provide a consistent reporting framework for Legionella compliance.

Typical Scenario

In most situations, schools have a stand-alone, automated, control system (BMS) that controls the temperature of Hot Water for domestic use. The control system manufacturer can vary from site to site and the extent of the control can vary greatly. For the maintenance provider, monitoring the performance of the Hot Water system is a labour intensive process of either making manual temperature readings from the HWS plant and converting these readings into graphs from a spreadsheet or analysing BMS graphs from the site computer.

Providing consistent reporting is an issue as graphs from systems across sites will vary in composition and content. Prior to instigating  ‘Aquaportal’, our partner was creating reports through the use of ‘screen grabs’ from the site BMS system.

aqua 1

Aquaportal Solution

The Simaxx / Aquaportal solution uses lightweight IoT sensors combined with a Cellular gateway to measure critical temperatures from the HWS plant. Using a secure cellular connection, the data is transferred to the Simaxx Portal where the data is processed.

Analytic rules are created to highlight non-compliances of the system. The rules were created in conjunction with Aquaportal to comply with the approved code of practice ACOP L8 from the HSE.

A site dashboard is created that displays the key data and rule performance.

The Platform also provides report templates for simple time based reporting to be carried out. In this way, a consistent monitoring and reporting methodology is maintained regardless of the system controlling the plant at the site. Customers are notified of any issues through user email accounts, maximising the benefits of the 24/7 monitoring.

Aquaportal graph of temperatures in a school


A simple, yet powerful use case of the Simaxx analytic platform. Aquaportal is providing efficiency benefits to the maintenance provider in terms of reduction in man-hours to monitor the critical plant.

For a critical plant with public health implications, immediate notifications of non-compliance of plant and equipment are very important. The Simaxx / Aquaportal partnership provides this and also provides documentary evidence to show the maintenance provider’s commitment to the best possible health of the building occupants.


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