Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality can be a serious concern for many property and business owners – but managing air pollution levels is not easy. Even if you can identify situations where poor air quality is causing problems, it is not always easy to respond to that information well, especially not if you are unprepared.

The best way to ensure that air pollution poses no threat is to keep monitoring the air on your property. Good air quality monitoring techniques can allow you to track current levels and concentrations of air pollution, as well as provide you with more detailed information on how to improve your site’s air quality going forward.

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Simaxx Reporting Tools

Simaxx provides a lot of tools for dealing with your air quality issues, whether that is in specific air quality management areas or all across your business premises. No matter how many locations and air quality management areas require monitoring systems, Simaxx can be an important part of attempting to resolve the problems.

Air quality has a huge impact on worker productivity, and pollutants can present a genuine danger to employees. Simaxx offers powerful reporting tools from Internet of Things devices that can be used to check and measure air quality, as well as CO2 monitoring.

Data Capture

Air quality and CO2 sensor systems can be imported from a site Building Management System or by using an IoT wireless solution and gateway. These provide valuable insights into your overall air quality, establishing a basic but important form of monitoring that can point you towards any obvious risks or long-term dangers involved.

While the instruments you use will change how this data is measured and recorded, Simaxx provides a platform for you to pull all of that information together. By shifting all of this data into one central location, it becomes much easier to analyse everything you have monitored, using that information to build forecasts and find likely causes of particulate matter pollution.

These systems are not just limited to industrial sources of pollution, either. The Breathe London network tackled busy roads, and there are countless locations where improved monitoring can make a difference. Air pollution is always a risk, no matter the specific location you have to monitor.

Analysis for Reporting

Analytic Rules are applied to specific data from Air Quality and CO2 sensor systems. Simaxx continuously monitors the values and will create advisory events when the environmental conditions are likely to cause poor environmental conditions.

Combined with Humidity sensor systems, analysing information carefully can form part of a virus mitigation plan, creating alerts when the environmental conditions are likely to enhance virus transmissibility. This allows you to get accurate feedback on how much risk specific locations are in, as well as forecasts for future hazards.

Beyond that, this kind of system also provides feedback and forecasts for your solutions. The data you monitor can be used to estimate the results of eliminating or containing the air pollutants, allowing you to judge how effective particular techniques might be at reducing total air pollution levels.

Ways to Improve Air Quality

Of course, having more data means that you have more ways to manage the sites that you are responsible for. Simaxx provides a great place to pool all relevant information and extrapolate useful results from the information you provide, giving you solutions and support that you otherwise would not have.

With the right monitoring systems in place, this makes it incredibly easy to pick out specific threats, weaknesses, or other issues that might be plaguing your site. No matter how you choose to format the data, it can become a valuable part of your efforts to manage your own air quality levels and employee safety standards.

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Air Pollution Management

Simaxx is not just used for one-off specialist advice. While it may help you find immediate solutions to a major problem, it also allows you to monitor sites long-term. Many locations will always struggle with air pollutants, and finding ways to monitor them effectively can help you manage the total pollutant levels your employees will be facing.

Whether this is busy roads that see a lot of traffic or industrial sources of pollution that handle dangerous and toxic chemicals, many sites can benefit from having their pollutant levels measured on a regular basis. Even without forecasts or future predictions, this provides you with valuable data about the total safety of your working environment.

Simaxx is an excellent tool for tackling air quality issues in the long-term. By pooling this information into the system, you can build a simple and consistent way of tracking your own air quality levels, setting up alert systems to warn you of any unintended spikes in pollution levels.

Simaxx Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Monitoring, data-gathering, analysing your findings and employing air pollution control methods are all an important part of keeping dangerous pollutants at bay. However, doing that well is difficult without the right tools.

Intelligent software like Simaxx allows you to set up automatic monitors, keeping track of pollutant levels as they are monitored hour-by-hour. 

When linked to a network of CO2 and air quality monitoring sensor systems, pollution and emissions can be tracked as they are produced, providing accurately collected data that is measured based on the sensor information itself.

This kind of monitoring provides a complete picture of your overall emissions, pollution and air quality. Through Simaxx, you can connect this information about your site and monitor future concentrations of air pollutants, getting a better idea of how well you are moving towards your target levels.

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Automatic Monitoring

Automatic monitoring stations and tools like Simaxx offer more effective ways of gathering information about pollutant levels, allowing you to collect data every hour without needing to actively monitor the situation. 

This also ensures that you have the latest data available each time you check the system.

Simaxx gives you an easy way to form a network of monitoring tools and gather the data all on one page. 

By choosing to collect information this way, you can keep it in a single location, using the Simaxx platform to leverage your monitoring data in different ways to pick out specific trends or goals.

Estimations and Predictions

Simaxx provides an easy way to gather information and predict long-term trends for your total air pollution levels, letting you estimate future control effectiveness based on the emissions you have already produced. 

This kind of feedback is vital for getting proper guidance in cleaning up your site.

While it is still best to use hard data whenever possible, looking into long-term trends and personal predictions for your pollutant levels can sometimes be important. 

Pollution forecasts can provide valuable insight into your long-term air quality and give you a baseline for how your pollutant levels may increase if left unchecked.

Simaxx As A Support Tool

While Simaxx is a major part of identifying potential risks and solutions, it can also become an incredibly versatile support tool when used correctly. 

In the course of solving your air pollution issues and potential safety risks, this kind of monitoring system can provide a huge benefit to your ongoing pollution mitigation efforts.

Using specialised sensor systems to detect something like nitrogen dioxide allows you to judge how well nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes are performing. 

Since most nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes provide ongoing benefits, you can use Simaxx to judge the total impact that these nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes are having on the NO2 in the air.

Of course, nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes are just one situation showing how Simaxx can provide lasting support. 

It can also help you locate high-traffic areas that receive a lot of pollution, test different mitigation options, or even just keep a record of current pollution levels for future use.


The ability to create unique forecasts based on your own data provides you with a lot of flexibility. While the Met Office often presents a forecast covering the urban areas of London, this is something specific to London, and it does not necessarily provide you with the information you need.

Building up your own account of hard factual information and using it to plan for the future can be extremely useful. 

While homeowners, schools and community groups can rely on general London forecasts, a London business will want something that covers their property more specifically.

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Online Compatibility

As a web-based tool, Simaxx can become invaluable for managing your data effectively. 

Uploading information to a website page through a specialised account not only means that it is stored safely on that website page but also allows you to set up links with other websites or tools. These links can be with another website, a monitoring system, or even your own database.

The Simaxx website provides everything you need to get yourself started with the software, but feel free to visit our contact page if you are struggling with certain elements.

Whether you are gathering information from other websites or your own sensor system, Simaxx is able to turn that information into something usable.


A UK site may be relying on any number of systems, from general CO2 sensors to a specialised nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes system. Simaxx can be adapted to work alongside any number of different monitoring systems, allowing for a fully bespoke approach to the process.

For example, a London business may forgo using the London forecasts and instead focus on its own internal sensor system. 

The information these sensors gather can become a core part of how that London business reacts to changes in their air quality, as well as potential pollutants and other unexpected pieces of information that they might have gathered.

What makes air quality monitoring important?

Issues with overall air quality can have a lot of significant impacts on any kind of property, whether that is a residential space or an industrial plant. 

While many of the immediate effects of poor air quality are obvious, high air pollution levels can be even more of a danger than most people will realise – often leading to significant dangers to employee safety.

Being able to effectively monitor air quality provides more ways of tracking the total pollutant levels, allowing a site manager to gather further information on how their overall air quality is changing. 


The more information a company or property owner can gather, the easier it becomes to understand the potential hazards and risks involved.

Simaxx offers a range of powerful tools for monitoring data regarding air pollution levels, providing systems for both measuring and comparing air quality information to get a better understanding of the current situation. 

If you are concerned about recent air pollution issues within your property, then gathering accurate information is an important first step in resolving the issue.

The Dangers of Poor Air Quality

While it is obvious that bad air quality is going to make people uncomfortable and lower worker productivity, many site owners and managers do not realise how many risks high air pollution levels will actually pose to an employee. 

In many cases, the bad air is not even the biggest danger – it is the lingering impact of having tainted or polluted air in an enclosed space.

Health Risks

Naturally, bad air quality and high air pollution lead to employee risks. Even in low pollutant concentrations, air pollution can still cause workers to get sick, suffer from short-term fatigue, or even develop long-term health conditions after constant exposure.

Beyond that, there is the fact that the pollutant itself also has an impact. While air pollution is never a good thing, specific chemicals may cause low-quality air to be an active health hazard, to the point that a worker would need safety equipment just to do their job.

The most notable risk here is particulate matter. If particulate matter gets into the air, then it can cause serious safety risks to anybody who inhales it – and some pollutants can be outright fatal in a particulate matter form, especially in higher concentrations.

Chemical Reactions

Industrial sites often handle highly specific combinations of chemicals, and air pollution can interfere with other chemical processes.

Sometimes the air pollution is also caused by those processes, making it harder for workers to do their jobs safely and efficiently. In extreme cases, it might even cause serious safety risks to anybody in the building.

This might just mean that some chemicals become inert, or it could be spreading toxic chemicals into the air within your workplace. 

Proper air quality monitoring is not just important for employee safety but also for understanding if pollutant levels are going to allow work to carry on as normal and knowing how much of a risk the pollution is creating.

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Public Exposure

While it is technically possible to use protective equipment to manage reasonable pollutant concentrations within a workplace, you can’t protect the public around you from the same threats. 

This makes your business responsible for the personal safety of anybody coming into contact with the air pollution that you are creating.

Limiting air pollution protects both your workers and anybody else who would be exposed to the polluted air. However, to do that effectively, you need to monitor the situation and understand how your air quality is changing.

Contact Us

If you want to know more about how Simaxx can help with a range of air quality monitoring situations, then use the contact info on this very website to get in touch. 

It is also not hard to get signed up to our website for yourself and visit our support pages, or visit the Simaxx platform and explore it for yourself.

Simaxx is an excellent support tool for a wide range of situations, providing information management options to countless companies all across London and the wider UK. No matter where you are in the UK or London, though, you may need some help getting your monitoring system set up.

If you want to hear more about what Simaxx can provide, talk to some of our experts. We can help you develop the perfect system to control your air quality standards.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality can have a huge impact on the productivity of workers. Simaxx offers powerful reporting tools from IoT devices that can be used to check and measure air quality as well as CO2 monitoring.

Data Capture

Air Quality and CO2 sensors can be imported from a site Building Management System or by using an IoT wireless solution and gateway.

Analysis for Reporting

Analytic Rules are applied to specific data from Air Quality and CO2 sensors. Simaxx continuously monitors the values and will create advisory events when the environmental conditions are likely to cause poor environmental conditions.

Combined with Humidity sensors, the analysis can form part of a virus mitigation plan, creating alerts when the environmental conditions are likely to enhance virus transmissibility.