Intelligent software to improve building performance & promote a healthy environment

Simaxx continuously collects data from buildings and transforms this into useful information based on smart analytic rules, intelligent software and algorithms. Multi-site performance monitoring provides the best environment for your occupants whilst maintaining optimum building efficiency.

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Compliance Monitoring

Continuous monitoring from the heating system & occupied period.

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Report Templates

Create reports using stored data points, rules and formulas.

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Property Management

Simple visualisations to view complete estate performance.


Smart Maintenance

Comprehensive toolbox to create analytic rules and formulas

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Benefits of Simaxx

24/7 control: Continuous monitoring allows key data to always be acted upon. Key for productivity and critical plant ‘uptime’.

Dashboards: Organise data and focus on key performance measures. Facilitates a Plan, Do, Check, Act improvement cycle.

Energy Monitoring: Reduce energy costs by highlighting operation inefficiencies.

Predictive maintenance: Prevent undesired and costly equipment downtime. Use historic data to inform on future plant failures.

Wellbeing: Maximise the productivity of employees by creating a comfortable, healthy environment.

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Working with Simaxx

Simaxx is working with an expanding developer community to intergrate Data Sources to a single, cohesive, meaningful user experience.

With Simaxx, a ‘single sign-in’ platform for IoT devices is a reality, with the aim of extracting maximum benefits from easily installed devices.

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Continuous Monitoring

Provides continuous calculation and analysis around performance goals to meet sustainability targets.

Important data is visible on the performance monitoring dashboard.

Benchmark your building performance.

Measure and track energy consumption data.

Energy reporting to identify conservation measures where equipment is operating inefficiently.

Post occupancy performance can be compared to intended design figures.